So Cool: This Kolkata Restaurant Lets Us Pretend We're Dining With Gordon Ramsay

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Wokaholic’s wall has hand-painted Gordon Ramsay’s face on it…and it makes for an awesome picture!

Face To Face

This tiny eating joint is slowly becoming our favourite place to grab spicy wok-tossed noodles but if you look closely, there’s another great reason to visit Wokaholic – the art on the walls is incredible.

The main wall has a hand-painted minimalist black and white skyline of the City of Joy – classy, chic and tastefully done, it captures the essence of the city in a single frame. The back wall is the standout though. The whole wall is a painting of a vibrant kitchen in the throngs of workload and if you peer long enough, you notice that the Head Chef shown looks uncannily like Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay stands in his chef whites woking up some Asian treats looking straight out at you.

The Artemist, who executed the art of the eatery, explains that the acrylic painting is done directly on wood wall. Flanked by terrified looking sous chefs {we don’t blame them, Ramsay’s vocabulary is colourful to say the least} and a kitchen in the middle of serving Asian delicacies, this visual makes for an awesome addition to your Instagram account as well as a fun backdrop to your meal. If you sit at the back at the table against the wall, you will actually be face to face with the great man himself.

Anything Else?

Wokaholic’s menu constantly has new additions {wokurrito and bubble tea wiggled their way in!} which are fun experiments with Asian food. A little birdie also told us that we’re going to see more Wokaholic outlets across the city really soon {did I hear Alipore?} and we’re excited to see what art goes up there.


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