Miss Eating Your Favourite Food? Order DIY Kits From These Places In Town

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Most of us are not being able to eat out due to the pandemic and, let's admit it, we do miss doing that. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy all that amazing food from your favourite cafes and restaurants within the comfort of your home. A few places in the city have come up with DIY food kits that contain all the ingredients you need to toss up a cafe/restaurant-style meal at home. So, why wait? Order away!

The Daily

The Daily Cafe has come up with unique DIY cocktail mixes that you make and enjoy at home. We're totally digging the Raspberry and Basil, Elderflower Bubbly and the Pineapple, Basil and Chia mixers. The cafe has also come up with DIY food kits that contain all the ingredients you need to cook pasta, make salads or unique dishes like Piccolo Borsa at home.

Sienna Cafe

Whip up your favourite gourmet food with Sienna Cafe's DIY kits. Craving Italian? The pasta DIY kits contain in-house pesto, marinara or mushroom/lamb ragu to go with their handmade fettuccine or linguine. They've also got DIY burger kits that contain all the ingredients and instructions you need to make the most amazing burgers at home.

Ocean Grill

Ocean Grill probably has the most elaborate DIY menu with around 20 dishes that you can make at home. Order the kits directly from their website. The kits contain chicken/meat/fish/vegetables marinated in raw form with their unique spices, accompaniments, garlic butter, special Ocean Grill salt and sides (sauteed veggies and creamy mash potato) in separate boxes. All you need to do is cook them in the pan and a delicious meal is ready to be devoured. Also, participate in a contest on their Facebook page every week where you can win exciting prizes by showing a photo of the meal you've ordered and prepared at home.

Glook - The Sky Lounge

The 'We Make It, You Cook It' DIY kits by Glook come in different varieties, perfect portion size and detailed instructions. Choose from DIY pasta, pizza and our favourite puchka (probably the one delicacy we miss the most in these times!) kits. The pasta and pizza kits are available in vegetarian and chicken options. The pizzas are thin crust while the pasta is available in cheese and arrabiata sauces. Prices start at INR 649 plus taxes.

Hyatt Regency

'Cook Like A Pro' with Hyatt Regency's DIY kits - it's more like an experience because their chef is here to assist you virtually so you can prepare a five-star meal to gorge on within the comfort of your home. Choose from eight signature dishes - Mushroom Risotto, Farm Fresh Pizza, Chicken Pizza, three types of pasta, Veg Saufiyaani Tikka and Dahi Lasooni Chicken. The kits come with fresh ingredients and recipe cards for your reference.

La Macario

La Macario has come up with DIY Sushi, Khowsuey and Udon Noodle kits for you to enjoy at home. The one-of-a-kind sushi kit has all the exotic ingredients - Nori sheets, different kinds of fillings and chopped veggies, rice, dips, pickled ginger, rice vinegar and wasabi - you need to make that perfect sushi roll. The Udon Noodle kits come with chopsticks! What's more? They've also got pizza and pasta kits on offer if Italian is what you're craving for.

One kit easily makes about 20 pieces and is priced at INR 645 upwards. Call on +91 7439093294 to place an order. They are delivering through Swiggy Genie and any other food delivery apps. You can also go to the cafe and pick it up yourself.

Kurry Patta

Craving a nice SOuth Indian meal? Order ready-to-use batter kits from Kurry Patta that comprise freshly ground batter, special coconut chutney and sambar. You can refrigerate the batters for up to three days. So, why wait? Order in and gorge on soft idlis, mouth-watering vadas and crispy dosas. Aloo masala, gunpowder along with green and tomato chutneys can also be ordered on the side to elevate your meal along with, of course, a hot cup of filter coffee for a complete South Indian experience. All the batters and the filter coffee decoction come with instructions on how to make them at home.

Dosa Coffee

Another place delivering exciting DIY idli, dosa and vada batters at your doorstep to add the much-needed flavour to your day. If you've been missing your favourite Malkapodi Idli, order in from Dosa Coffee. Also, let the place's OG gangsta spice work its fiery magic on you. Besides the regular batters, they have paniyaram batter, appam batter, filter coffee decoction and Malabar paratha pre-rolled dough - to give you a memorable South Indian experience at home.

The Salt House

The Salt House, and their sub-brand Kaos Gourmet, have come up with several DIY kits so you can make your favourite pizza, pasta, and cookies at home. Cook thin crust pizzas, eggless chocolate chip cookies and pasta in different kinds of sauces within the comfort of your home. The kit includes different kinds of cheese, chocolate and pasta to make it easy for you.


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