Make A Watchlist: These 10 Documentaries Will Help Use Your Time Better

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Killing time at home sometimes can be a daunting task. But we have made a list of world class documentaries for you folks. While we may have missed out on some good ones, but whether you're interested in science, music or social issues, these are going to only add to your knowledge.

Born Into Brothels

This dark social documentary is an Oscar winning classic. It is about Kolkata, only the darker side of it. Born Into Brothels is an Indian-American documentary of 2004, where documentary photographer Zana Briski captures the lives of the sex workers and prostitutes of Asia's largest red light district, in Kolkata's Sonagachi.


This 2010-documentary is a must watch not only for science nerds but also the general mass, in order to know humanity's extraordinary progress in science. Directed by Toni Myers and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, it is about the the journey that NASA astronauts embark on to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.


Based on an event that was a watershed moment in the world of music, this 1970 documentary is a classic gem for music lovers. The Woodstock Festival which took place in August 1969 near Bethel, New York, is history in itself and brought together the biggest names from the musical landscape of 1960s America. Just try and remember the final sequence of the film Bohemian Rhapsody!


Documentaries like these are made once in a lifetime. Koyaanisqatsi, directed by Godfrey Reggio, is an experimental documentary film without any narration & dialogue. The documentary solely depends on background music, camera techniques and imagery to communicate its message, which is, how humanity has grown apart from nature.

OJ made in America

This Academy Award-winning documentary is probably one of the most defining cross-genre works, and one of the best sports documentaries of all time. Winner of various other accolades, the film is directed by Ezra Edelman for ESPN Films and traces the career of sportsman O.J Simpson from his emerging football career at the University of southern California, and his popularity within American culture, to his trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman.

Burden Of Dreams

A documentary on the 'making' of a film. Director Les Blank, in his Burden of Dreams, captures the making (and setbacks) of legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog's film Fitzcarraldo. This documentary is shot in multiple languages including Spanish, English, German and Portuguese, and remains a must-watch for lovers of cinema.

Nanook Of The North

Made way back in 1922, this timeless classic is a silent documentary. Nanook of the North is directed by Robert J Flaherty and encapsulates the life and culture of the indigenous Inuit people of Canada's northern Quebec region. It depicts how its characters survive in such a harsh climate, how they construct their igloo homes and find food by hunting and fishing. In addition to that, it also captures the indescribable beauty of the frozen landscape of the Great White North.

Waltz With Bashir

Directed, produced and written by Ari Folman, Waltz With Bashir is an Israeli animated war documentary drama in Hebrew, centred round the Lebanon War. We know war movie buffs can't contain their excitement. This documentary depicts Folman in search of his lost memories. He is encountered with brief visions about the 1982 Lebanon War in which he served as an infantry soldier.

The Mystery Of Picasso

Art lovers behold! The Mystery Of Picasso (as the name suggests) is about one of the greatest and most influential painters of all time. This 1956 French documentary about Pablo Picasso is directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. It captures the great artist in the act of creating paintings for the camera. You will see his Cubist works coming to life on screen through a combination of stop-motion and time-lapse photography.

The Class Of '92

We do have something for football lovers. The Class of '92, probably the most iconic football documentaries and one of the best sports documentaries of all time, chronicles the rise to prominence and global sporting superstardom of six talented young Manchester United footballers - David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville.