Visit This Quirky (& Sustainable) Book Nook In Middleton Street

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What Makes It Awesome

Anticipation mounting as you flip through pages hoping to stumble across your next favourite character has a different thrill. One such treasure is Earthcare Books. Hidden in plain sight behind Drive Inn Cafe at 10 Middleton Street, this bookstore has a unique vibe that sets it apart.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that half the fun of buying books is in the browsing. Every bookworm will attest to the excitement that arises from exploring the aisles of your favourite bookshop, discovering new authors at every turn. Stacks upon stacks just brimming with possibility. A slightly ramshackle entrance dotted with potted plants and a precariously placed wobbly sign guides you to slatted wooden doors handpainted with a tree motif. These are thrown open to reveal red oxide floors and a shop that could belong to Bilbo Baggins.

And its uniqueness doesn’t end there. The entire collection of books is carefully curated. Apart from a few of the regular favourites you will find books here that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. To the left as you enter is their non-fiction section, mostly packed with books pertaining to history, politics and activism. Then comes a whole section dedicated to philosophy. This features some great ‘short introductions’ to famous philosophers, so if you’re at the onset of an existential crisis but feel like the heavy original texts might only add to your existential dread, this is perfect for you. They have a large variety of children’s books including Tara Books and Little Latitudes, among others.

In addition to these treasures, Earthcare is a publisher and distributor of books on environmental issues and sustainable development. If you are seeking more information on natural resources, ecological agriculture, indigenous and other appropriate technologies, non-formal education, natural health or alternative lifestyles and world views, this is a great place to start.

The people behind Earthcare are actively involved in a collective venture of forest regeneration and organic farming that is now about twenty years old. Deeply committed to the cause, they have published a wealth of information over the years.


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