Living Away From Home And Missing Home Cooked Food? Call Up This Bengali Eatery

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What Makes It Awesome

Missing ghar ka khaana? Search for Ebela Obela, a home kitchen serving authentic Bengali food. They have two branches, in Jadavpur and Naktala.

Ebela Obela is primarily a home kitchen with innumerable varieties of Bengali dishes which are made in everyday Bengali households. They have a section called "mile mishe ekakar" which are mini combos, and the dishes are named interestingly in rhymes. Some of them include "ache sur ache taal, chai luchi aar chholar daal", 'moner aasha, bhuna khichuri aar dim kosha" and "chaay gota bongsho, porota aar murgir mangsho", among others.

Go for the traditonal dals such as kaju kishmish moong dal, maacher matha diye moong dal, matar dal, chholar dal and murighonto. Mix them up with plain rice and your choice of favourite vegetable side dish like alu posto, dhoka, doi potol, sukto, etc. Fish lovers would like to drown in a river of curries with a variety of fishes available including chingri malai curry, pabda machher kalo jeere jhol, katla kalia, sorse bhetki, to name a few. 

If you have a grand meal on mind, go for their bhuri bhoj thalis (jumbo thalis). Choose from the veg, egg, chicken and fish variants, according to your preference. Besides the preferred meat, you get basmati rice, dal, two rotis, veg of the day, salad, chutney and one sweet. That sounds pretty jumbo to us!


Hop over to the other side of the border and get a taste of Bangladeshi cuisine with choices like murg le-jabab roast and purono dhakar mangsor pulao (old Dhaka's mutton pulao).