#QuarantineDiaries: Take Part In Fun Activities While At Home Through This Initiative By OffbeatCCU

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The whole country is on lockdown due to Covid-19 but that doesn't mean that you can't have fun. For those of you who have been feeling a little low or bleh during these quarantine times, we have something for you.

The guys at Offbeat CCU have formed a Facebook group called '#EkSaath - Support Group for Quarantine Heroes', the whole idea being to talk less about Covid-19 and more about creating a safe space for all those working from or stuck at home. Join the group and you get to participate in fun activities, attend webinars, listen to kickass music and live sessions from their moderators on sustainability, art, music, public speaking among other things. You get to share ideas, learn a new craft, educate and engage in healthy fruitful conversations as well as share meme collections, educative infographics, books, games and videos.

The group was formed about a couple of weeks ago and already boasts of over 600 members. You get to be a part of virtual gigs, fun challenges, watch parties and Facebook and Instagram Live Sessions (they also did an album launch watch party recently!).They will also be collaborating with professionals from across fields like health and mental well being, social media influencers, fitness enthusiasts and trainers, design professionals and artists for webinars, virtual meet and greet and live sessions. 

They've got loads of fun stuff scheduled already (Tai Chi sessions, Movement Therapy sessions, photo contests, storytelling sessions, fitness challenges, digital heritage walks and a webinar on sustainability development among loads of other activities). Best part? They've introduced this initiative called #EkSaathYoddha under which all the proceeds from the webinars they organise will be used to organise ration and essential supplies for migrant workers across the country.

So, why wait? Join the group now!


All you have to do is join the Facebook group '#Eksaath - Support Group for Quarantine Heroes' and you're good to go. All the information about activities, workshops and gigs will be put up here. So, watch this space for deets.


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