We Are Ready To Celebrate The Kalboisakhis With The Summer Coolers At Byloom

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What Makes It Awesome

The skies are sunny and hot weather is here, which can mean only one thing: The season for summer drinks is upon us. The beverages menu at Byloom Cafe lists a host of drinks whose names (some based on Bengal’s seasons) will win you over. Try the Shilabrishti (named for the hailstorms that happen in Bengal) has a combination of vitamin C-packed amla and ginger. It’s super refreshing but a bit on the sour side, be warned. The Kanchenjunga is a heavenly combo of mint and lemon iced tea with tea from the gardens of Darjeeling. The tangy Kaal Manjari has fresh pudina leaves and green mango pulp. Whatever you do, don't miss the Phagun - black grapes and tomato crush, slurp. They also do a nice daab water with lime and honey, very good for the heat and troubled tummies!

Pro Tip

Order some sides like the sandwiches or the Bengal-style fish and chips to go with your drinks. We like parking ourselves in their rainbow-bright outside area though things can get a little stuffy if the AC isn’t working well.


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