Enjoy Some Amazing Delicacies At One Sip Restro Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome?

One Sip Restro Café is located near the Newtown area and is one of the most underrated cafes ever. I went there with my friends and what we found out was just amazing

We had the following:
1. Royal smile-orange juice and grenadine syrup-based summer cocktail.

2. Wingardiam leviosar- apple juice and ginger juice-based cocktail with a dash of lemon.

3. Hell boy-strawberry and mint-based cocktail topped with sparkling soda and fresh strawberries.

4. Jalapeño cheese paprika roll-spring roll stuffed with jalapeño cheese and paprika ... exclusively for the molten cheese lovers.

5. Cottage cheese sheesh tawook-paneer skewers with charred vegetables and Lebanese marination and dip.

6. Group hug platter- exotic variety of chicken and mutton cooked in a variety of ways and dressed on a platter.

7. Exotic vegetable lasagna- exotic Vegetables layered with lasagna pasta with creamy tomato sauce and ricotta cheese.

8. Vegan thai green: curry-Asian vegetables simmered with Thai green curry sauce and coconut milk served with lemon infused rice

9. Jerk chicken- exotic chicken breast cut and served with fries in the form of a tower.

10. Mutton vindaloo curry- mutton curry prepared in home-style cooking served along with rice

11. One sip cookie fiesta- exotic cookie prepared and served with ice cream, brownies and marshmallows

12. Truffled gulab jamun- 3 pieces of gulab jamun served along with ice cream.

13. Churros with rum kissed chocolate sauce- churros along with icecream and chocolate sauce are served

14. Dhungri Kebab- this was added later. It's a starter and consists of chicken pieces cooked and later soaked with the fumes of charcoal to give it a smokey flavour. The taste was extremely good

Personally I would recommend you to try all these out
But here are my favorites:-

1. Hell boy- I personally loved the fusion of all the tastes within it

2. Group hug platter- you can find every variety of meat there and each has their unique taste and flavours, each of them being better than the other and altogether it makes a fantastic combo

3. Exotic Vegetable lasagna- as the name suggests, the dish was extremely delicious and I would love to have it any day

4. Jerk chicken- I personally enjoyed this dish. It comprised of chicken breasts which is very rich in proteins. Some of you may not like it, but to all the fitness freaks out there. Do give it a try. It's tasty and got proteins

Among the desserts everything was good, and I can't explain individually how they taste. They were just too good but among them my favourite was:

5. One sip cookie fiesta- this dish has an exotic taste. We are accustomed to the brownies with ice cream. But this is a cookie with ice cream and I would recommend you to give it a try

6. Dhungri Kebab- I cannot say anything. You just have to go and find it out

What Could Be Better?

Everything was Soo good, starting from the food to the ambience, I couldn't ask for more

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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