This All-In-One Tote Will Get You Through Work & Life #LikeABoss

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What Makes It Awesome

Ladies, huddle up! I am going to let you in on a secret. That elusive work-life balance you are trying to find, actually lies in a handbag. Hold your horses for a bit more, I am also going to tell you where you can get such a handbag. Everpret has married form and function into creating a bag that will get you through your everyday like a boss.

Detest changing your bag with every outfit because you loathe the hassle of packing and unpacking all its contents every time? I feel you. Even if you are somebody who loves changing bags ever so often, Everpret is making you an offer you will find hard to refuse. One handbag for work and for life. Their statement tote is minimalistic in its look and super functional in its performance. Conquer the handbag chaos and keep yourself sane while on the go with compartmentalised space that will help you carry your world - from your laptop, mobile & tech essentials to your make-up, sunglasses & water bottle. You have 12 different colour options and 2 size options to choose from. Our favourites - classic black and tan.


The Always Backpack from Everpret looks very chic and functional too. Your stuff won’t get lost in a bottomless pit that some backpacks can be. The Capsule Belt Bag is a sling bag that comes in handy when you are running errands and want to carry only what you need.


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