Fashion, Food And More: This Boutique-Cum-Cafe Is Our New Fave

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A multi-label designer store with a collection from across India, and an attached cafe serving unusual fare, Fanetta checks all the boxes. 

What Makes It Awesome

Fanetta and Mrs Wilson's Cafe is a vibrant melting pot of ideas, colours and themes. This store is set inside a charming old Kolkata building and has a kitschy studio and a quirky cafe. Get in through the gate next Patha Bhavan School, cross the green courtyard and climb up the old stairs to almost teleport into a different world.

A multi-label designer store sourcing their collection from across India (they have laid special stress on bringing down stuff from North-East India), this one has an eclectic mix of quirky and eco-conscious fashion. The craft-laden decorated walls (think big colourful paper flowers, whimsical wall graffiti) adds to the vibe of the space. From contemporary collections of Abhishruti to the amazing Mekhola collections of Silk Symphony, the Naga collections of Runway Nagaland and bridal trousseau of Yamini Malani - there's plenty to pick here.

And when your aesthetic sense has got its fill, indulge your tummy at Mrs Wilson's Cafe. The cafe takes the name from popular yesteryear comic strip, Dennis The Menace. Grouchy Mr Wilson won't be around, but Mrs Wilson definitely has something delicious and fresh in her kitchen for you! The fare is very different from most cafes. We loved the orange vanilla shake, the Fish Fofo (a Goan dish) and their tipsy pudding, which is a cafe specialty. Take inspiration from the fantastic wall doodles around for a conversation starter, and give their homemade ramen a try. The jukebox is missing, but you can turn back the clock with their old stereo system and late 80s music cassettes. 


With fall season in the air and winter not too far away, the open-air porch seating is a good place to hang with your gang. But remember to keep the fags away, though!