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Go Wish The Fatty Bao A Happy First Birthday, Their Return Gift Is Worth It

    Great For


    Talk about exciting return gifts. The Fatty Bao is turning 1 and we are getting a new, revamped and exciting menu to gorge on. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    The Fatty Bao didn't need to do a whole lot to win our hearts the first time around. With their first birthday 'round the corner, they have launched a new menu for us to fall in love with them, all over again. This new menu isn't any small, few additions to the menu. It's as grand as 30 new dishes get.

    An exquisite array of options in all sectors, the new Fatty Bao menu is nothing short of mouth watering at its very read. To name a few, their famous open-faced baos now come with filling options of Crispy Potato, Fried Fish or Tofu and Beetroot. Upping the salad game by many notches, they have Tea Leaf Salad with Darejeeling Tea Leaves and Banana with a combination of chicken, too.Their new pizzas and Chicken Wings absolutely cannot be missed. If you're feeling a bend towards your noodle-obsession, their new Ramen menu has a delish Vegetable Mixian and Northen Thai Khao Soi Noodles. End your meals always on a good note. (Also, we are a little biased towards desserts) Their dessert menu now offers you Apple Filo Pastry with Green Apple and Miso Panna Cotta, too. 

    We haven't even been able to cover half of their new menu, but our future trips to Fatty Bao are already planned. Go wish them a Happy Birthday and try out their new menu asap. 


    Even though they turn 1 in December, their new menu is already out and ready.