This Sikkim Brand Makes Handmade Cardigans, Shoes, Dolls And More


What Makes It Awesome

Merry yellow bumblebee faces, cute little knitted dolls, bags, shoes and even brooches - Fidgety Fingers knits and stitches up these delightful items. They are a Sikkim-based social entrepreneurship project which aims to help underprivileged  women become socially and financially empowered.

They have a line based on popular cartoon characters - such as  Dora The Explorer backpacks. The well-crafted Peppa Pig, Shaun The Sheep and Doraemon dolls will have you wanting to build a whole collection of them.  

Their aim is to reintroduce and preserve the vanishing form of fibre crafts in an unconventional way. We love the fact that they work with several people who need the training and money. For instance, a collection called Kiran women has been crafted by inmates of the state prison. Every stitch carries a story of their past, expresses their present and hopes for their positive future.

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What Could Be Better

Nothing really. It's all good!


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