From Mochar Chop To Fish Batter Fry, Try The Amazing Fries At These Kiosks

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If you love all things fried {like all good Bengalis}, you must head to the Machhli Baba Fries kiosks.

Batter Fries And Chop-Cutlets

Like chunky mocha chops {made from raw banana flowers} or skinny fish fingers? The Macchli Baba kiosks have it all – from beguni to prawn batter fry and mutton singara to machher chop and even Bengali phulkopir singara {the lovely little samosas made of cauliflower and potatoes}. A spin-off of the hugely popular Bhojohori Manna restaurants, the menu showcases Bengal’s love for fried items. The name is derived from the famous Machhli Baba character in Satyajit Ray’s Joi Baba Felunath.

What To Have

You must have a slice of the whole pomfret fry – crispy and oh so tasty! They also do a mean kosha mangsho {with veg pulao for INR 170} cooked to perfection. The Bhetki fry {INR 95} has fresh fish coated in a batter. We loved the Gang Mourala Bhaja {INR 25}, the Mutton Chop {INR 50}, the prawn batter fry {INR 100} and the chicken cutlet {INR 70}. The Bhetki fingers for INR 60 for two pieces seemed a bit steep though.

Anything Else?

here are two kiosks far that we know of – one is right Ballygunge AC Market in Gariahat and the other is at 14/A Lake Road, just beside Ballygunge Cultural pujo pandal. If you don’t want to set out and brave the pujo crowds, they will home deliver up to a 5km radius. This joint is perfect for when want a quick bite while shopping in Gariahat.


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