Count Your Points & Pints: Play When You Chug With The Five Mad Men Of Salt Lake

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What Makes It Awesome

If chugging and hanging with buds over a game of pool or darts are up your alley, then Salt Lake's Five Mad men (5MM) are about to bring you back to your unwise ways.

Shisha to snooker, giant screen and love deck, this place is insanely suited to fit most of our moods. The art-industrial minimalist look will immediately soak you up in the relaxed chill vibe, but you've got to look up at the ceiling mural in the inner section to get on board the trippy chi.

Hang out by the bar if getting buzzed sits centre on your agenda. The fairy-light lit love deck in the front section is great for a relaxed date (cosy and chill without being mushy) or if you want to hang with the fam. Walk into the inner section and you'll stand arrested by the humongous 200-ft screen that takes up the entire wall on one side. There's also the carrom, foosball and dart board to keep your hooked for the evening, if TV doesn't cut the deal for you. Best yet, (and thankfully more so) the multiple ice-hockey and snooker tables will not waste the evening waiting for your turn.

Hop on the high chairs and blow some smoke with the sisha or nibble up on the small plates.  The house special coin luchi and kasha mangsho is the real winner, but you mustn't miss the mango kasundi chicken wings or the pork belly bao. 


The Five Mad Men are showing special love to the ladies on Thursdays with their ladies night.