Head Out To This Home Baker's Cafes For Fondant Cakes, Pastries & More

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Home-baker Manisha Khetan’s Bake O Cake is the perfect solution for all your dessert needs.

The Baker

Manisha Khetan is a home baker who has been making cakes and desserts for years. Her  creations include fondant cakes of all kinds, pastries and cupcakes, chocolates, pies, mousse, cheesecakes, fruit cakes, cookies, breads, tarts, and a good variety of other quick bites. She also whips up some amazing savoury bites and milkshakes. What’s better? Her recipes are all vegetarian – with the exception of a few desserts, that require the use of egg. And some are even gluten-free! Her fondant cakes are a personal favourite.

The Bakery

After baking and selling from her home, she ventured into the commercial industry with
Bake O Cake, and already has three successful outlets across the city. With trademark white interiors and beautiful chandeliers, these cafes sit on three streets across the city (in Kankurgachi, Loudon Street, and Bangur).

Head out if you’re looking for a small, quiet place with delicious baked goods. And the best part? These items sell for prices that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. Their double truffle pastry (INR 70), a bestseller, is a must-have for its chocolatey decadence. Their red velvet pastry is soft, warm, and topped with just the right amount of cream cheese frosting, and is perfect at INR 100.

And if you don’t have the time to get a personalised fondant cake (but you’ll be really missing out), buy one of their pre-made cakes. We recommend the Truffle Cake for INR 550, the Mix Fruit Cake for INR 650, or the Chocolate Evesion Cake for INR 650. Their cheesecakes, too, are to-die- for, be it the Blueberry, Philadelphia, or the Red Velvet Variant.  if you’re looking for a summer special, try their Mango Cake.

Need a break from all the sugar? Order the Mushroom Tart or the Spinach N Corn Tart if that’s more your thing. Their Hot Dog and Pizza are also tasty as heck, as is the Veg. Mayo Roll they run out of so easily.

You can also get these goods delivered to your home via Zomato or Swiggy, or their own app.

Anything Else?

The café chain will soon have a new addition to their family: one specifically for coffee options and milkshakes. Under-construction right beside their outlet in Kankurgachi, we are eagerly waiting for this place. And a little bird tells us they will be open before the end of next week – yay!


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