Move Over Cadbury, Head To This Shop For Some Chocolatey Guilty Pleasure

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We found a shop on Sudder Street that sells every foreign candy you can imagine… and it’s all genuine! 

What Makes It Awesome

This tiny non-descript gem of a shop called KG N can be found on the lane leading to Sudder Street behind Sreeleathers. They're stocked with original products from across the world – Thailand, UK, Turkey and Switzerland. From candies, jellies, lollipops to bars, they have stuff that you won't find in other stores. Besides, we also came across known brands like Kitkat, Dairy Milk, Snickers and Ferraro Rocher. Move over Lays and Bingo and try out the American brand Pringles' potato chips. They also store dry fruits and cakes. All these foreign candies are super cheap and range anywhere around INR 100-110 (prices may vary depending on the amount purchased).


If you buy in bulk amount, the owner will give you a discount. They are also a wholesale dealer of chocolates.


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