We Found Avocados In Kolkata: This Shop In New Market Stocks All 'Exotic' Vegetables At Pocket-Friendly Prices

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What Makes It Awesome

Calling all budding Masterchefs, this stall in New Market has the freshest ‘exotic’ veggies from avocados and Chinese cabbage to fresh herbs at budget-friendly prices.

Looking to spruce up your salads or whip up some delicacies you watched on last night’s Masterchef episode? Stall 80 in Block N of New Market has the freshest veggies which will leave you salivating. You can’t miss this shop, it’s on the turning into the fruit and vegetable section, and is alive with colour and aromas (you can smell the basil from a long way away!). The owner is very friendly and honest – he won’t sell you a veggie if he feels like it’s not up to the mark. You get multiple varieties of lettuce and cabbage, cherry tomatoes, fennel, leeks, fresh herbs like thyme, basil, rosemary and lemongrass, tons of different kinds of imported mushrooms (they have shitake!). Any fresh ingredient you can think of is available.

What’s awesome is that the vegetables are cheaper (and fresher!) than the ones found in the supermarkets. You can even pick up single pieces of some items {like avocados!} if you don’t want to buy by the kilo. That makes it very budget friendly since you can buy as little or as much as you want. For the whole kilo, avocados and basil come for INR 300 whereas asparagus can go up to INR 800 a kilo since it’s off season. Prices drop as winter sets in.


It can get very hot – they don’t switch on the overhead fan because it dries on the produce so go prepared with a hand-held fan.

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