Antique, Secondhand, Cane Or Contemporary: Furniture Stores In Kolkata For Every Kind Of Style & Budget

Upasana posted on 19 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

You don’t need an interior designer on hand to revamp your pad. Trick it out with a few key pieces from these furniture stores.


Designed and owned by Prakash Mehotra and Nina Saxer, Basil has lovely personalised pieces of driftwood furniture which add a lot of character to your home. The furniture here doesn’t adhere to any labels, but can fit your bohemian kitsch needs as they come in varied colour palettes. Handpainted cabinets, old antique desks done up in bright, and faded, shades of blue fill this store.

There is an evident influence of Rajasthani woodwork which has been incorporated with Victorian styles. Our favourites are the blue study desks and floral painted cabinets in pastel shades. They also have really nice pastel green dining tables and wardrobes. Prices start from INR 4,000.

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33-B, Lt. Tapan Chowdhury Avenue, Bhowanipore, Lake Range, Kalighat, Kolkata

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Swakriti has a variety of furniture, from contemporary to classic, and transitional to modern. The store has a wide range of colourful chairs and drawers and a very Ikea feel, which is great for graphic designers and artists trying to create the ideal work station.

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DA-19, 1st Floor, Sector 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

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The Bengal Basket Co.

Located in Howrah, the Bengal Basket Co. is doing some really interesting work in experimenting with cane furniture. They have moved away from traditional cane furniture pieces and are experimenting with design and making nice sleek cane beds, dining sets and chairs and sofas {some of which are quite stunning}. Prices begin from INR 4,600.

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61, Asutosh Mukherjee Lane, Babudanga, Mali Panchghara, Howrah, West Bengal

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Scarlet Splendour

Part of an international chain of stores with designers from all over the world, Scarlet Splendour has a branch on Wood Street. You can choose from over sixteen collections, all curated by different designers. Their Scarlet Eclectics collection has some really interesting products, like Dutch armchairs, and Jacobean seats which have a very Gothic vibe.

Along with this there are beautiful green cabinets for your china and blue arm chairs reminiscent of Austrian furnishings. They also have pop art-inspired pieces such sofas which look like red lips and cactus-shaped room accessories. While all the pieces might not be available at the outlet, you can always check out their website, enquire about a certain piece of furniture and have it shipped to the Kolkata outlet.

P.S. Do check out their fun dark wood dressers with angel wings {the Dark Angel collection}!

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9-B, Wood Street, Near Pizza Hut, Mullick Bazar, Park Street Area, Kolkata

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Run by Srivant and Devina More, this store located on 6, Russell Street immediately stands out. The furniture found here is a range of ‘kaleidoscopic mix of eras, cultures and styles’. These are personally curated pieces, and Kaji makes it a point to launch a few collections a year to showcase themed furniture and décor at their outlet. The themes are also extremely diverse, starting from Russian-inspired décor and home furnishings, to pirates and cartography.

One can tell that this place has been put together with a lot of imagination, love and care. Prices start from around INR 20,000.

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Shop 6, Russel Street, A.J.C. Bose Road, Park Street Area, Kolkata

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Cane and ethnic furniture lovesr should all head to the Dakshinapan complex in Dhakuria. It is filled with cane furniture shops on all floors. From chairs to swings, to full sofa sets, there is a lot of variety here. These can be found in bulk outside the state emporium stores of Odisha and Tripura. Outside the Rajasthan Emporium, you can find lovely handpainted foldable chairs and ottomans with miniature paintings on them. Things are more affordable here than at other places. Prices start from INR 500.


8/1-B, Near Dahkuria Bridge, Rohim Ostagar Road, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata

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This is a tried and tested brand that uses Indian wood like mango, sheesham, acacia and diag wood. Head to their Hindustan Park Road branch which has an individual furniture outlet next to the main store. Futons, beds, side tables, benches, foldable tables, cupboards and shelves – all come with a contemporary+Indian fusion look. A standalone small wall bracket for books with four shelves is priced at INR 3,500, gorgeous lamps are at around INR 1,000+.

Fabindia delivers furniture to your home as well {at an additional charge}.

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15/1, 59/1-B, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata

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Gopal Nagar Lane

Near Judges Court Road, there is an entire footpath filled with dealers of old, refurbished antique furniture starting from around INR 2,000. You can get four poster beds with intricately carved woodwork, massive mirrors with wooden frames and old glass lamps. If you’re lucky you might find one of their antique bars which looks like it’s straight out of some 1920s Hollywood film.

We love to visit this place to pick up vintage clocks, desks. Furniture from here can add a lot of character to any home. Most of the furniture here is refurbished with recycled teak and mahogany which is a bonus.


Near Judges Court Road, Alipore, Kolkata