The New Winter Menu At Gabbar's Bar and Kitchen Will Warm Your Heart

    Park Street Area, Kolkata


    Spend a wintry afternoon at this Bollywood-themed resto-bar sampling their new winter fare.

    Chow Down

    Gabbar’s, our fave themed restaurant, has introduced a winter menu that will leave you wanting more. A chirpy atmosphere and savvy staff play their part, but the food’s the irrefutable star here. Fish lovers, you must have the Bhatakti Bhetki for INR 575 — a sublime bhetki fillet stuffed with spices and grilled in a tandoor. If you want something lighter, go for the tandoori pomfret {INR 395}.

    In the mood for something meaty? The K-K-K-Kebab Mein Kebab {INR 395} will hit all the right spots — it’s a chicken tikka covered with a blanket of mutton and chicken keema, interspersed with layers of cheese and spices, and charcoal grilled. It’s served cut up into succulent inch-thick slices in a cute little toy truck with sides of green chutney. The dish is indulgent with oodles of umami.

    There’s lots of options if you want to stick to vegetarian. We can highly recommend the Bajro No Rotlo {INR 325}. Served with baingan ka bharta, Gujrati curry, jaggery and a garlic chutney with a kick, this is a must-have dish from Western India. If you love cheese, pick the Kya Cheese, Cut Piece {INR 295} — grated cheese with chopped jalapeño, marinated in mild spices and grilled.

    Sip On

    The Shaitani Sharab {INR 345} is everyone’s favourite warming winter drink — mulled wine {with spices like cinnamon, star anise, and clove}. Served warm, it’s perfect for cutting the winter chill. A drink that stood out was the Imli-Rita {INR 345, and INR 175 for the non-alcoholic version} — a tamarind-flavoured margherita that was spicy, strong and devilishly addictive.

    Round Off With Desserts

    Leave room for dessert. The old-school strawberry pie will make you drool — it’s called Meri Berry Ke Ber {a sweet and slightly tangy strawberry pie with a lattice top for INR 295}. The Gogo Goes Gaga {INR 295} is a chocolate cookie pizza, with chocolate sauce, and a topping of nougat, fresh strawberries and more chocolate!

    You can also opt for their mud pie which is refreshingly different — shaped like a half coconut, it has chocolate, coconut and cream.

    Don’t miss: A gawp at the restaurant’s quirky and fun Bollywood-themed decor {lovely old posters and photos and wall graffiti with famous phrases and dialogues}, and the menu card with illustrations {loved the one of the famous motorbike and side car in Sholay}.

      Park Street Area, Kolkata