Crazy About Jhaalmuri? Get Your Fix Of Kolkata's Favourite Street Food At These Places

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Binge away on the iconic Kolkata streetfood, jhaalmuri, at these epic little street stalls around South Kolkata.

In Front Of Vardaan Market

Camac Street is a hot streetfood locale in town, and just outside Vardaan Market you’ll find  a number of jhaalmuri stalls churning out some crisp muri with peanuts and chhola to munch on while you shop.

Near Lake Kalibari

Some great jhaalmuri beckons on the pavements of Lake Kalibari – this fellow is famous or his perfectly doled out proportions of masalas. His mix doesn’t make your eyes water, but feels more like a burst of different flavours in your mouth.

If you want to try out more, walk along the same pavement towards Vivekananda Park and take the left that leads up to Kamala Girls’ High School. The pavement opposite the school is a time-tested depot for phuchka-lovers, but some of the jhaalmuri stalls give the phuchkawalas a run for their money too!

Hedua Park

Jhaalmuri doesn’t always come in stationary stalls, but also through vendors who roam the streets. If you’re around Scottish Church College or Hedua Park, keep a look out for these makeshift jhaalmuri stalls. They will make it to order – with or without onions, boiled potato slices, peanuts, chhola, cucumber, sev and mustard oil.


The pavements of Citi Mart and Shreeram Arcade in Esplanade have housed some of the greatest street food stalls in the city for years now. If you’re tired from a shopping spree, or simply want to ditch the restaurants for some good ol’ street snacks, we recommend you try out the jhaalmuri. Not only is it one-of-a-kind {thanks to the generous quantities}, it’s also time tested.

Local Trains

Local trains are known for the innumerable unsung heroes who satiate the passengers’ snack cravings with their scrumptious street treats. Just hop onto any local train, and hail a passing jhaalmuriwala. Somehow the train version always seems punchier and a one-way ticket to gastronomical paradise.

Outside Menoka Cinema Hall

The pavement in front of Rabindra Sarovar is an under-rated spot for nifty snackables. The fellow right outside the Lake main gate makes great stuff and his quantities are more generous. But finish eating before you enter either the Lakes or the cinema hall – food is not allowed in either of the places.

Did You Know?

This iconic street food of Kolkata has become a favourite among the people of London as well – all thanks to Angus Denoon who took his love for the dish all the way to London from Kolkata, and started his own jhaalmuri stall there. He started with a food cart on the street and now owns a food van and a full fledged business! Unbelievable, right? Proves that a love for food can transcend all man-made borders.

Read more about it here.


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