Get The Look: Here's How {And Where} You Can Recreate This Gorgeous Salt Lake House

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We were looking for some yoga tips when our friend (also a yoga instructor and an urban gardener) Ipshita Chakraborty invited us over to her place in Salt Lake. Little did we know that we would stand slack-jawed and bug-eyed right across a picket-fenced front lawn. Because the house we saw before us was much too charming and beautiful to be in a city. We’ve carefully jotted down in our little black book all the smart and nifty décor tips and tricks that Ipshita shared with us.

A Picket Fence, A Front Lawn And A Pergola For A Provincial Charm

Gardens are lofty things to be found in the concrete jungles of cities, and lawns are in a different league altogether. It was exactly this, along with some more finer details, that we found before entering Ipshita’s crib. If the faux-iron picket fence had kept us wondering then trust us when we say that the front lawn with a little wooden bird house, vibrant flowers and well-placed ceramic birds and animals playing peekaboo made us swoon in all its provincial charm.

Then there’s the pergola that sits facing the lawn with big French doors connecting it to the living room inside. With bird-themed wind chimes and little bug fridge magnets adorning the pergola posts, Ipshita has kept the theme of her front yard as close to nature as possible. Get this look by laying carpet grass on your front yard and snazzing up some DIY pergola designs from here for your carpenter.

For ceramicware and curios, head to Sienna store in Jodhpur Park, Confetti Exports in Bonovilaa, and Daronda near Shantiniketan. You could also check out to Aranya at Dakshinapan for ceramic animals, birds and wind chimes.

Go Au Naturel With Wicker And Rope Furniture

What better way to keep up the au naturel look than to use eco-friendly wicker and rope furniture that compliments both the look and tone of the setting. From sofas to chairs, racks and baskets, Ipshita has made abundant use of these wicker and rope furniture throughout her home. They not only match the earthy vibe of the surroundings, but are also easy to maintain. Get them readymade or order them to meet your style and requirement at Bengal Basket — the store in Howrah has the widest variety of wicker and rope furniture.

Nude Walls And Handpainted Tiles For Best Compliments

Well, orange may be the new black, but subtle was always better than black. And, while subtle is tasteful and rich, artsy is about adding character. Chakraborty’s home has struck just the right balance between subtlety and artsy while doing up the interiors. While nude beige walls give the living room a spacious feel, the coloured glass bottles and lamps placed strategically on the mantlepiece bring alive the subtle beige with their colour burst. Alternatively, you can also create a collage with medals, plaques, certificates or with fam photos — to add character to plain Jane beige.

If you thought walls could be the only space to add character to your room, then you are so underestimating your floors. Like Ipshita, enhance the look of your rooms by using distressed and handpainted tiles. Ditch the cheap linoleum carpet and go crazy with these distressed tiles to add to the rustic charm or bring in the woodsy finish. You could also use gorgeous handpainted statement tiles to add the individuality of your place. You will get these tiles readily at Designer Home Solution near Forum Mall.

A Cabinet Under The Stairs

We Potterheads know of Harry’s room under the stairs. But ever imagined building a cabinet under the stairs? This is one other little trick we picked up from Ipshita to utilise space (and not making it look like an eyesore in the process). Use the space under the stairs for a built-in cabinet to shelve several utility things — a mini bar or crockery shelf or even a shoe shelf perhaps. Using quality and good-looking laminates is a key factor here. Check out the hub of laminates that line CR Avenue and make your best pick.

When the space under the stairs is decorated, can the stairs be left bare? Do up your stairwell walls Ipshita-style by adding indigenous crafts. A self-professed mela lover, Ipshita says Kolkata’s melas are a treasure trove of indigenous art and crafts. From patachitra to traditional hand fans, Ipshita has used all kinds of crafts to deck up her walls. An artist herself, Ipshita has also strategically placed her handpainted kettles and milk cans as kitschy curios around her place. So, if you thought art galleries are the only places to pick art, then definitely add to your to-do list a visit to the handicrafts mela next time.

DIY Dresser And Balcony Lounge

DIY is the new kid on the block, and the projects are not just fun to do, but they also stand out as statement pieces. Ipshita DIYed her dresser like a star’s, and trust us when we say it looks fab. With the help of an electrician, you can add a panel around your dresser mirror to add bulbs. Pick the right colour bulb and place them around the mirror and voila, you have an actor/model dressing mirror. Another DIY hack we picked from Ipshita is to save a narrow panel space around her dresser. Add hooks or pins to it to hang your earrings or trinkets.

With a beautiful balcony to boast, it’s no new thing to have a balcony lounge. DIY a balcony floor lounge by arranging wicker mattresses and cushions. Deck up the corner with some wall decals or some art pieces to add to the feel.

Mugs And Baskets For Planters

An organic gardener herself, Ipshita has lined her house with plants — from the balcony to the windowsills and her backyard. Follow Ipshita and add quirk to your set-up by using colourful mugs as planters on your windowsills. For her backyard she has picked the readily available wicker baskets {aka jhuri} as her planters. While these are readily available in the local stores, get your fill of gardening supplies and plants at Green Mall in Thakurpukur.

This list of home décor hacks and tips can go on forever and we’d run out of space to fit in all deets. But here’s a list of some go-to stores and people that Ipshita shared with us to help you deck your crib.

For furniture: Russel Exchange — the auction house on Russel Street, Westside and Lifestyle stores.
For laminates: Sreeram Sales Agency 57G, C R Avenue, Bowbazar, Kolkata – 700001.
For upholstery: Anokhi 6, Anandilal Poddar Sarani, Russel Street, Kolkata – 700071.
For lamps: B Karim. Check them out here.
For ceramic curios and crockeries: Sienna Store, 414B, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata – 700068.


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