Get Organic Milk From This Award-Winning Dairy Based Out Of Sunderbans

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What Makes It Awesome

The milkman cometh! Or the milk-women in this case. No, not the doorbell-ringing milk deliveries of our grandparents generation. We are talking about organic, hormone-free milk from free range cows.

If you read the right media platforms, you would have come across many reports about the way milk is produced nowadays (by injecting cows with harmful chemicals and hormones). Getting chemical-free, organic fresh cow milk can be a headache in this city. You will be happy to know that you can now get not just milk, but also ghee, honey and eggs (duck and hen), dal and rice fresh from Sundarini, an organic farm cooperative in the Sunderbans.

All their products are organic with no chemicals. The cows are not injected with antibiotics or hormones and are fed corn, sargam, ajola and barshim grass. The milk is ever stored in harmful plastic, but in steel containers. You can source them from all State Animal Husbandry's outlets in Kolkata. What is great is that the money from sales is being directly deposited into the account of the women who are running the cooperatives.