Breakfast In Bed? Get Paranthas & Sausages Home Delivered At 7 AM on Sunday

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Good Morning Kolkata delivers home-cooked breakfast to your doorstep over the weekend.

Sunny Side Up

Get hot, home-cooked breakfasts delivered home with the morning newspaper this weekend. Good Morning Kolkata makes Sunday mornings that much more lazy by making sure you have a breakfast feast fit for royalty without having to make the effort of getting out of bed early or washing the dishes after.

The menu changes every week with a couple of our favourite breakfast items being constants. Vegetarians, fruits, luchi-dal, parathas, Indian sweets, fried vegetables, and baked treats and more are up for grabs {starting at INR 179}. Eggs in all forms {including chicken omelettes!}, sausages, breads, muffins and more are some of the treats available in their non-veg breakfasts {starting at INR 199}.

Wake Up On The Right Side Of The Bed

Not only does your breakfast come packaged in a sealed container {there’s even a tiny compartment for ketchup, butter and pickle!} which makes sure that the food stays hot and fresh, it comes with a personalised ‘good morning’ card – these little things make us smile. You have to order 24 hours in advance if you want breakfast delivered to you the next morning, and the service is available only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Anything Else?

We love the Benglish sign and truly Kolkata-style logo {also how adorable is it that the ‘O’s in ‘Good’ have been doodled into a fried egg and a cup of tea!}

They deliver from 7 am to 11 am – both early risers and late-latifs are covered! There’s a INR 30 delivery charge if your bill amount is less than INR 200. You can place your order by calling 9831793622.


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