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Get Thai Puchka Bites and Awesome Asian Street Food At Mamagoto

Raisa posted on 05 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

The New Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto is laden with spices and flavours that will make you want to book a ticket to South East Asia right now.

Chow Down

Walk in for some Asian awesome-ness; the Hawker’s Hall menu is all about bringing classic Asian food straight out of the busy streets of Asia and onto your table. Thai, Korean and other South-East Asian countries have found their way onto the menu. Kick start your meal with Thai Puchka Bites – all the crunchy bite-sized greatness of a puchka with the added goodness of Thai flavours {we’re talking peanut, beetel leaf, chilli and tamarind level of authentic}.

If you love garlic and peanuts {and who doesn’t!} don’t miss out on the Mekong Boat Curry. Clumps of garlic rice-noodles you can dip into a thick peanut coconut-milk gravy with chunks of chicken and broccoli – it’s warming and hearty. For all the seafood lovers, the Supermama sliced fish topped with crispy fried leaves in a sticky hot and sweet sauce is calling out to you.

Don’t want to share your food? Pick the Bibimpap which is a Korean-inspired, rice-based dish which Mamagoto make pre-plated for one person. Flavourful rice with a tangy sauce on the side, minced soya or chicken, sliced carrots and other Asian veggies and fried egg on top – it’s actually healthy along with being flavourful.

So, We’re Saying…

Bring an iron-clad stomach and get ready for some major Asian feels. They have also started serving alcohol {yay!}. Grab the squad and head there for unlimited sangria at just INR 799! A meal for two will set you back INR 1,600.

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Annex Building, 24, Magma House Complex, Park Street Area, Kolkata

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