Get Your Share Of Flower Power With The Mad Florist

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you’re all about that quirk, and have a penchant for gifting your loved ones thoughtful gifts, you must check out The Mad Florist! They know that gifting a red rose has a completely different meaning from a red Lily, and that’s the kind of care you want going into a bouquet or flower box. Right? After all, if it’s flowers, then you can’t really risk it; it’s got to be special!

The Mad Florist doesn’t believe in bulk produced items, and each of their beautiful gifts are hand crafted. Conscious buying is something they’d like to invoke in their customers and this comes out in various aspects of the brand. Right from collaborating with local craftsmen, to ensuring mindfulness while curating and packaging products, they really believe that the devil is in the detail. From occasion specific colours (who knew that pink was gratitude and white was luck!) to personalised cards made from recycled paper, The Mad Florist also is very particular about not wasting.

That’s not all, they’ve got a line of cards which will be made from plantable paper, and we can’t wait to see how that turns out. If you’d like to immerse yourself in this floral experience (at a later date of course), they also have a 200 sq ft studio where you can attend workshops or even create your very own floral bunch.

So whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries or the more sombre goodbyes, The Mad Florist’s got something exquisite just for you! Don’t fret about the cost, whatever your budget they’ll be able to put together something really wonderful!