Grow your Own Herbs & Buy Pencils That Grow: Go Green With These Guys

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By Smita

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Go Green By Smita is helping us all have prettier balconies and find easy gifting solutions – your one-stop green shop.

Green Is The New Black

Always wanted to grow a terrace garden but didn’t know where to start? Want to make the balcony more green? Saw a billion ideas on Pinterest of indoor plants but don’t know where to get a hold of them?

Start with Go Green’s “Grow It Yourself Kit”. A kit is all you need to start your green dream. Each kit contains a biodegradable pot, soil, fertilise, seeds, chart to maintain and instructions {in case you are completely clueless about how to go about it}. You get the Big Kit {8 inches} and the 4 inch smaller one. Perfect for both beginners, pros and even kids, these kits are fool-proof and the plants are designed in such a way that one can grow it indoors and outdoors.

Always wanted to grow your own veggies? Pick up their microgreens set. A kitchen gardening special, it’s like a ready to use kit – grow-cut-eat.

Stationery Lovers, Go Green

These guys have the coolest {and greenest} stationery. You know how you throw the butt of the pencil away when it’s too small to write with? Well, you don’t have to anymore. You can now get “pencils that grow” – pencils specially designed to grow into flowers and vegetables. One it’s too small, the pencils that are made out of biodegradable waste products can be planted and they’ll grow into a new plant! It’s all completely waste-free.

They also have greeting cards, notebooks, business cards and more paper products that are made out of recycled waste paper. What’s awesome is that they contain seed. So once you are done using the paper, don’t head towards the bin. Chuck the paper in a garden or a flower pot and watch your paper grow!

Anything Else?

Smita has been passionate about plants even when was a child. She would help her grandmum out in their family garden, growing veggies which they would take straight from the garden and into the kitchen. They plan on adding a bunch of more products to their line. Check out all their stuff on Facebook.


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