Quilts To Wall Hangings: Perk Up Your Home With Handicrafts From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Based out of Jaipur, Greentouch Crafts is your go-to brand if you want to add a traditional, Rajasthani touch to your home.

When we came across Greentouch, it was instant bookmarking! The brand stocks a wide range of Indian handicrafts made by skilled artisans using materials like wood, marble, glass, paper, metal and lac among others. Their product range includes quilts, bedsheets, door and wall hangings, wooden and marble handicrafts, polymarble resin stuff, showpieces, lamps, lights, coffee tables, wall shelves and gift ideas.

Our favourite picks? The pair of kissing ducks made of aluminium make for a great addition to your side table as well as a pretty awesome gift idea for your friend who's getting married. Another piece we loved was the oval-shaped oil lamp made of brass and crystals - fill it with oil or ghee, place a cotton wick inside and light it and watch your room, mandir or any corner of your home come alive. 

We also loved the decorative wall lamps that come with eight glass candle holders - perfect piece to perk up that boring, dull-looking wall and a sure shot attention grabber during Diwali. The wall hangings paint a pretty picture at the entrance to your home or room while the hand painted meenakari teapots made of aluminium add a dash of tradition and heritage to the kitchen. 


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