Sign Up At Gridiron Fitness To Pick Up Boxing And Functional Training Skills

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Gridiron Fitness, located in Park Circus (opposite Mahadevi Birla Girls School) has a unique and dual theme of boxing and functional training. 

What Makes It Awesome

Started by B-school graduates who gave up their corporate careers to pursue their passion in fitness and entrepreneurship, Gridiron Fitness lives up to its tagline of "Train Different", something you'll realise after you do your first session here. 

Walk in and you will spot the brightly coloured full-sized boxing ring (the only gym in town to have one). The programmes you can sign up for include unique boxing sessions which look to use the sport as a fun way to exercise, all the while teaching you how to defend yourself. plus it is safe and injury free.

Their functional training programme caters to fitness in general, and aims to cover fitness requirements for everyone, across all age groups and gender, in a holistic manner. It encompasses facets such as mobility, endurance, posture correction along with strength training and sports conditioning. They also have an effective and clinical weight loss programme, with an in-house nutritionist in place.

This is one fitness centre that definitely breaks the monotony in terms of visual appeal and training methods. Their staff includes personal trainers certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), active kettlebell competitors, state-level champions in kick boxing, mobility and corrective exercise specialists certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), strength and conditioning coaches and state and national level athletes and and weight management specialists.


Their functional training sessions are from 7am to 10pm, six days a week (Sundays off). The boxing sessions are held three times a week (for one to one-and-a-half hours). Timings are flexible as per customer convenience (between 7am to 10pm).

This fitness centre is seriously affordable, unlike many others in town. For boxing classes, it is INR 2,000 per month and INR 5,000 per quarter and functional training , strength and endurance costs INR 2,500 per month and INR 6,000 per quarter. If you take up both boxing plus functional training, they have a good deal at INR 3,000 per month and INR 7,500 per quarter.


The LBB crew consists of ladies and gentlemen with an array of interests, who are all committed to finding something unique and exciting about the city they call home.