Instagrammable Ice-Creams, Exotic Flavours And More At Haagen Dazs

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What Makes It Awesome

This brand needs no separate introduction as the name is enough to go bonkers as we think of diving into the pure indulgence of Vanilla Caramel Brownie, Cheesecake or our very favorite Belgium Chocolate Ice-cream.  

Haagen Dazs, the super-premium ice-cream brand, which is known for its taste, quality and innovations, opened their very first Kolkata outlet in Quest Mall in 2017. What sets them apart is the use of finest and purest of ingredients that are sourced from across the world. Moreover, each of the items that they offer – be it ice-cream, pastries, shakes or any hot beverages – are free of preservatives, artificial flavors, additives or colors and that’s the very reason they stand out from the other available brands. 

 The exotic flavours of ice cream include strawberry cheesecake, caramel biscuit and cream, summer berries and cream, Dulce De Leche, mango sorbet and many more (available in pints and mini-cups) – take your pick !!

Their signature creations like Seventh Heaven (served with fruits and sprinkled with chocolate sauce), Classic Fondue (mini scoops of vanilla ice-cream, Belgium chocolate, cookies and cream, and strawberry ice cream, served with an assortment of fruits, brownies, and hot chocolate sauce for dipping), The Eiffel tower (one big scoop of Belgium chocolate ice cream topped with a small scoop of cookies and cream flavor on a brownie – served with silken whipped cream and dark chocolate), Paradise (scoops of exotic Haagen Dazs flavours – served with crunchy wafer biscuits, hot chocolate sauce and fruit pieces) - are a one-of-a-kind sumptuous treat. 


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