Ever Tried Authentic Tibetan Momos? Try Some At Hamro Momo In Elgin

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What Makes It Awesome

Now old timers in Kolkata would definitely know about this place, it has been there for a number of years, but very few people still know about it. Hamro Momo is home to some delectable Tibetan food. It is a paradise for all meat-lovers, especially people who love pork. Their momos are different succulent and juicy , served with their in house soup, it's a banging plate of divine goodness. Though I prefer steamed momos, fried Momos are equally delightful here. Their Thukpa's are so thick and flavoursome.

It also has great range in Chinese too, It's also a soup heaven for soup-lovers like me, it was here that I had tasted the frothy soup, Lung Fung for the first time. Genuine Tibetan food and taste, authentic flavours is what Hamro Momo is all about.

What Could Be Better?

If they could invest some time and energy on sprucing up the ambience a bit. It would do wonders for them.

What's My Pro Tip?

Parking can be an issue. Use of Google Maps is highly recommended.

Anything Else?

They have a vast menu, but you should stick to Tibetan momos, thupka, soups while the common ingredient should be Pork.