Gift Your Little Ones Their Crocheted Lookalikes From This Homegrown Manipuri Business

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What Makes It Awesome

What started out as a hobby of this sister duo from Manipur, has turned into a profitable venture that brings a toothy smile to many innocent faces. Handmade Cottage makes adorably cute crocheted dolls that will become your child's favourite toy. 

The sisters have a simple vision for their brainchild and labour of love - “one doll at a time, one smile at a time and one happy customer at a time.” That’s exactly what they strive towards with each of their delightful creations. I chanced upon the Handmade Cottage on Facebook and remembered to share the joy of this discovery with my 5-year-old, who squealed in delight at the sight of their handmade crochet toys. Ranging from something as small as a key chain to car hangings and baby toys to bigger ones as big as 50cm. They also make crocheted dream catchers (heard of that one before?). Price ranges from INR 100 to INR 1500.

What you should really buy from them if you have little ones at home is the handmade crochet dolls. They can make customised dolls of any person your child admires, even Frida Kahlo (yep!). Want to gift your little girl a doll that looks exactly like her? Send the sisters a favourite picture of your child and they will work their magic in turning that memory into a crocheted reality that your child can hold onto for posterity. 


When you place an order with this small business, we would request you to be patient and considerate. Each of their handmade creation takes time, effort and oodles of love & care. Allow them that and you will have yourself a gift that keeps giving, for generations to come.

Order via their Instagram.


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