Oldie But Goodie: Go To This Legendary Restaurant For A Taste Of 60s Kolkata

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What Makes It Awesome

Go to Hatari for a generous serving of nostalgia along with a taste of Chinese that is oh-so-Calcutta! A 53-year-old restaurant, named after a popular American adventure film shot in Africa, Hatari, today, boasts of several outlets in the city. The long queues to get a seat here speak at length about the legacy it carries.

Make your way across a narrow corridor that leads to the restaurant on the first floor, enter through the wooden door into a packed dining space, which on most days, sounds like a high-spirited classroom. From originally being an out and out Chinese restaurant, Hatari now serves a variety of Oriental cuisine. Get a bang for your buck, with its generous servings. If you aren’t a big eater, be careful with how much you order, because what’s on the menu or on the table beside you might tempt you to go overboard. The service here is prompt too no matter how busy the place gets.

Whet your appetite with the Mongolian Prawns or Basa Fish Fillets (juicy and grilled to perfection). Next up should be the Dry Chilli Pork - crunchy pork, layered with spices and drizzled with sauteed green chillies. Go for the tangy Hunan Rice next, that would complement the pork wonderfully. They have duck (must-try: Brown Glazed Duck) and crab (must-try: Chilli Garlic Crab) meat on the menu too. A haven for meat-lovers, ain’t it? There is so much to try from the menu that it will surely take you several visits before you have covered the must-have items at least. Don’t miss out on their signature Ten Treasure Noodles. You might not see it on the menu but request and they will oblige. It’s a concoction of ten major ingredients (bok choy, broccoli, black mushroom, straw mushroom, button mushroom, baby corn, green zucchini, yellow zucchini, cabbage and spices), served on a bed of crispy fried noodles.

What Could Be Better

We suggest you go somewhere else for the dessert because they aren’t too competent in this particular aspect.


Hate standing in a queue for food? Make sure you drop in early. Ideally, go with a gang of family or friends because the portions they serve here are phenomenally large.


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