Have A Royal Bengali Feast At This Jodhpur Park Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome

If there was a place where you could have a Bengali meal king size, consider Calcutta Pi next time. This relatively new entrant to the landscape of Bengali restaurants is located in Jodhpur Park.

With typical shuttered windows patched on the walls, as found in archetypal bengali households, the restaurant has been able to hold up the Bengaliness.But you can start your meal with a touch of Awadhi, by choosing from their range of kebabs for appetisers. Mutton kacha kabab, chicken boti kabab and chicken kanti kabab are some of the options. Or else dive straight into the banglaiyana and go for veg options like mochar chop, narkel bora, beguni, and non-veg options such as fowl cutlet, muitha bhaja, topshe fry, masala stuffed fried pomfret (boneless pomfret stuffed with fish keema, a must-try for fish lovers) and egg devil among others.

For your daal bhaat shobji, try out the narkol diye chholar daal, with chhanar dalna, potoler dolma or kachkolar kofta. For non-vegetarian accompaniments, our personal suggestion would be the bhekti paturi, where you'll find the pungency of the mustard is not too strong. You can also try the chingri'r batichochori or echore chingri.

The best way a person can end this meal is with a bowl of mishti doi, and that will be nothing short of a gastronomical delight.


If you are allowed to get away with sweets, we suggest you try the kheer luchi, which is one of their specialities.