Heal From Within With Power-Packed Nutrition From This Wellbeing Expert

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What Makes It Awesome

It’s no big secret that we are not eating enough veggies on a daily basis. Whether it’s to do with the unavailability of time or fresh produce or unmindfulness of what we put into our bodies, we have only ourselves to blame for it. So, what’s the solution? Wellbeing Nutrition has one. 

Wellbeing Nutrition creates organic whole food nutrition that comes packed in easy-to-carry, cylindrical tubes. Made by nutrition experts, one tablet gives you the benefits of eating one full serving of greens (fruits & veggies) on a daily basis. If you’re wondering how they do this, well, the process is quite simple and focussed on getting wholesome nutrition to your bodies minus all the effort required by you in doing so.

Delicious and organic fruits, veggies and greens from around the world are carefully handpicked. Then, frozen at -40 degrees to ensure the right nutrition stays locked in for you - all the way from vitamins and minerals to fibre, protein and carbs. After that, it’s slow-dried by extracting the water only, while preserving the natural taste. The ingredients are then blended with a chef’s flair, optimising the taste with the right spices and herbs. Finally, compressed to bring it together in a tiny but mighty tab of Daily Greens.

They also offer an age old recipe of our beloved daadis and naanis in the form of an immunity boosting kadha. With ingredients like tulsi, turmeric, ginger, amla, mulethi and many more - Grandma’s Kadha works as a natural antibiotic in helping you prevent common cold and seasonal infections. Best part? It’s 100 percent natural, with zero side effects. Go to the LBB Shop and add to cart now!


All you have to do is drop the tab, let it fizz, and sip the tasty nutrition. For the kadha, use warm water. 


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