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There's always time for coffee, isn't it? No matter what type of coffee lover you are, Beandeck is the one-stop solution for it. Why I love it? I am a regular coffee drinker for more than a year, using a french press for my daily brew. Earlier I used to search for the brands that deliver freshly roasted coffee, grounded as per my requirement. Now bean deck put most of them in one site and voila! No more individual brand searching, search, and order. What makes it so awesome that I put down my cup and take the time to write a review? Two things. One, the owner, Mr. Lenold Vaz. The first time I ordered Dope coffee, it was getting delayed for days. I was about to send out an email, But Mr. Lenold pinged me personally in WhatsApp and informed that due to the overwhelming rain in Mumbai, my package is delayed. The second time I ordered, and there was some problem with the website. It was a Sunday, at about 10 pm. I was about to send him a screenshot in WhatsApp about the problem, but before I finished typing, he messaged me and assured me about the order. This type of response timing I found really impressive. Two, the site has a suggestion chatbot built-in. Just answer a few questions and it will suggest some options for you as per your taste. So, I would suggest my fellow coffee lovers give this website a try. After all, life is too short for bad coffee ☕.


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