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Hic Hic Hurray! Grab Beer Cocktails And Pizza Fries At This Beer Festival

Raisa posted on 10th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Monkey Bar’s Beer Mrkt Festival is a feast for all beer lovers with beer-based cocktails, loaded fries and power-packed chicken wings – and it’s all reasonably priced too!

Sip On

Get ready for a beer-y happy afternoon with these potent cocktails in the most gorgeous yellow-orange colours. A twist on the classics is available for the adventurous soul, the Bloody Roman is the beer-cousin of the Bloody Mary with all the goodness of tomato juice and tabasco with the added awesomeness of beer; or the Beergarita {our personal favourite} –  it’s a take on the Maragrita, served in the signature Margarita glass lined with salt – beer and tequila all concocted in one! The Beermosa {a Sunday brunch favourite version of the mimosa} and the Monkey Mule {a signature refreshing brew of beer, vodka and in-house ginger cordial} are other awesome pick of the menu.

The cocktails set you back INR 300 for all except the Monkey Mule which is INR 250 and Beermosa at INR 400.

Chow Down

Hot, crispy, skinny, golden fries topped with the choicest selection of ingredients {and ALL the cheese!}. We’re all about the Canadian-style poutine which is a hearty mix of mushroom sauce, cheese and caramelised onions, and the Ham and Cheese Fries which is a carnivore’s dream combination of little bits of ham with melty, oozy cheese. The showstopper Pizza Fries combine our biggest weaknesses {pizza and fries!} into a bowl of awesomeness. The fries come for just INR 180 for the veg and INR 220 for the meaty ones.

Grab a plate of flavourful, zesty chicken wings in awesome-sauces at INR 280. Perfect for sharing, lovers of spice, try the Sticky Korean Gochujang and lovers of sweet the Honey Mustard Sauce.

Can’t decide what you want? The Basket Combo will save all your problems – pick two fries and two wings at just INR 800! Its an absolute steal!

So, We’re Saying…

This monsoon, enjoy a rainy afternoon over a beer cocktail and some finger-licking small plates at Monkey Bar. The festival is on right through the day, every day till September 29.


Pick a table near the giant windows – you will get an awesome undisturbed view of monsoon clouds over Kolkata’s skyline.

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