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This New South Kolkata Eatery Makes The Most Amazing Thukpa, Momos & Nepali Kebabs


Mamamomo is a little joint serving pocket-friendly and super delicious Darjeeling food made with traditional recipes.

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Mamamomo is Golpark’s newest eating joint and they’re serving up piping hot food for the soul. The mama behind the recipes is Pemba Doma Kidwai from Darjeeling who is rustling up authentic Tibetan and Nepalese food using her grandmother’s recipes. You’ll find the quick service joint wall-to-wall with The Whistling Kettle.

It’s a tiny but homey place. The black-and-white theme keeps everything simple and minimalist. An open kitchen dominates the space so you can see your momos being made from scratch.

Steamed & Grilled

Steamed, grilled and fried — Mamamomo serves up an explosion of flavour and texture. Some of the options are definitely on the healthier side. You can chow down on a bowl of thukpa — a light noodle soup with a hearty healthy broth.

You’ll get chicken, pork and veg momos in steamed, pan fried and ‘momo chilli’ variety. The momos are bite-sized perfection — some of the best we’ve had in the city. Perfectly portioned with wafer-thin pastry and generously stuffed with a succulent filling. Post 5 pm, the charcoal grill is turned on and you’ll get freshly grilled pieces of sekhwa.

Don’t miss out on their home-made sauces. There’s a red chilli — made with the famous round, dalle chilies from Sikkim and Darjeeling, and a sour, green one made with coriander. Both are explosive in flavour, and take the dishes to the next level.

Pig Out

Definitely a huge USP is their to-die-for succulent grilled pork, sekhwa {like the Hindi word sekhna, which means grilling or roasting on heat} which is marinated in a traditional Nepali spice rub through the day and then grilled over the charcoal. The result — a gorgeous, smoky flavour embedded in pieces of juicy pork.

They also do a tender pork momo which is sinful {ask for the kothay or pan-fried variation — it’s essentially a steamed momo which has been pan-seared on the bottom to give it texture}.

A Touch Of Home

There’s a home-y feel to the place. The owners, Bonisha Sharma and Tashi Kidwai {Pemba Doma’s son} are super hands-on — taking orders, recommending sauces to go with your momos and making sure you’re having a good time.

And you’ll find mama behind the counter, busy overseeing the momos. She makes the momos and the sauces from scratch herself every morning. She moved here from Darjeeling when she got married so she’s got the traditional hill-station food down pat.

Incidentally,  Bonisha is from the famous Nathmulls tea family and also runs the very popular neighbouring joint, The Whistling Kettle, where you will get the best Darjeeling tea and the famous Keventers-style food!

Anything Else?

They also sell a range of dalle chilly pickles and condiments from High Altitude Spices, a handcrafted pickle company based out of Sikkim. They are organic and without chemicals. We loved the dalle kinema {with fermented soyabean} and the dalle with bamboo shoots.

There isn’t any seating— they have a few tables. It’s more for quick eats. No fuss, just good food. It’s already a huge hit — we saw so many people come in and get takeaways while we were there. A USP is that they none of that harmful MSG in their food, it’s just good, clean, healthy, traditional food.

Another huge plus is that unlike most joints, they have eight momos to a plate. And the prices are super-affordable! For instance, the steamed momos start from INR 70 {for vegetarian version}, and go up to INR 105 {for pork}. The pan-fied ones are from INR 80 to INR 115. A meal for two won’t set you back more than INR 250-300.

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23/3, Gariahat Road, Golpark, Kolkata

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