Explore The Unknown: Check Out These Hidden Gems In The City Of Joy

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Kolkata is known for thriving between the remnants of a colonial past and a progressive present. Explore Kolkata like never before by visiting the following hidden gems. From the city? Make a visit to these lesser known places if you haven't yet!


This century-old iconic joint in College Street was started by freedom fighter Nihar Ranjan Majumdar in 1918. Sharbat was toh only a bahana - legends like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Pulin Behari Das and Satin Sen held secret meetings here and nurtured the Swadeshi Movement using the shop as a facade. Paramount has also hosted stalwarts like Kazi Nazrul Islam, SD Burman, Satyajit Ray, Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen and more. Try the daab sharbat, cocoa malai, green mango, and the vanilla sharbat. You can also carry bottled sharbat syrups home too. 

Rani Rashmoni House

It took over seven years to complete the construction of the  house, set up by Rani Rashmoni’s father-in-law Pritaram Das in 1805. The house is divided into three parts and occupied by her descendants. The famous Durga Puja is held at Nat Mandir, in front of the verandah. Though it has been declared a heritage building, parts of the building are collapsing due to lack of funds.

Basu Bati

Take the narrow lane just off Baghbazaar Street and, if you look closely, you'll see this huge mansion standing at the end of it behind thick foliage, shrubs and trees. This is Basu Bati at 65/2 Baghbazaar Street, an intrinsic part of Bengal's history that was home to one of the first families of the city - brothers Nandalal and Pashupati Basu, who, along with their older brother Mahendra Lal, were believed to be descendants of Dasrath Basu, the first person known to have had the surname 'Basu' that now happens to be a common Bengali last name.

The architecture isn't colonial despite being from that era. Rather, it's a blend of Bengali and Islamic influences often seen as a rebellious act against the British. The Basu family was known for its contribution to the fight against colonial rule. 

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary

An expansive area of forested land in Narendrapur, South Kolkata, this sanctuary is surely a heaven for ornithologists and wildlife photographers. Around 30 species of birds have been documented to be seen here. The best time to visit the place is during winters as it is flocked by migratory birds.

Cabin Restaurants

The cabin restaurants of Kolkata are an intrinsic part of the city's history and food culture. These cabin restaurants were great for college romances as well. Some of them are still around, though the separate sections are gradually disappearing. Hit up these places for delish old Kolkata snacks and a dose of nostalgia.

Boat Museum

Located in Kankurgachi, the Boat Museum boasts of miniature models of boats that once sailed along the rivers of Bengal. From passenger and luxury boats to cargo and fishing ones, the museum has it all. There is no entry fee, plus no photography is allowed.


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