Highest Rooftop Bar Opens Its Door To Kolkata Party Hoppers

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What Makes It Awesome?

Kolkatan's love of rooftop bars is reaching new heights. It's time for the party hoppers to indulge in some High-Rise Fun - a stylish, luxurious lounge and bar on the 31st floor along with city's highest rooftop elegant and classy Sky lounge on 32nd floor nestled in the 'City of Joy' with an absolutely stunning ambience against a spectacular backdrop of the city's glittering nightlife.

This much-anticipated roof-top bar-lounge" 31 32 "that boasts the most sophisticated and innovative nightlife experience which is truly magical housed at The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat that standout with a mission to be the preeminent global hospitality brand has opened its doors for guests.

The decor speaks a thousand word. The classy vibes at level 31 are just drop-dead gorgeous. The chic ambience of its Cornian bar, white, low and sculptural spacious seating arrangements, marked by multicolour lighting welcomes every guest not only to pamper oneself with a visual treat but fling their palate with the deliciously sinful and succulent bites and crafted cocktails.

The passionate red VIP or private area with its 2 large red cocoon booths flanked by gorgeous wine cabinets on its entrance is eye-catching.

The property has signed up with the extremely talented DJ Harish Lakhmani to spin the best of cutting-edge remixes in order to keep you grooving is the major highlight of the venue.

If you're looking for a mellow spot to meet for drinks, then take the staircases that showcase an opportunity for drama and sculptural flair, leading its way to the stunning view of the roof terrace, overlooking the city.

The vibrant decor, the art of lights celebrating the image with 3D effects creating an effect of depth adorning the terrace with the touch of greens, the long rails for dining and drinks running along the glass railing offers one-of-a-kind visual splendor. The terrace sits out, cool breeze and great views is a perfect perch to wind down at the end of your busy day or an excellent scene for a date or a perfect location for sundowners/winter party. In addition, the open air space has the provision to host private parties through its access to the striking Helipad Lounge.

Shaking and straining well-crafted cocktails like Black Gold (concoction of charcoal, chocolate infused with edible gold dust) by the expert mixologists giving lovely libation and eye-catching garnishes and of course the stylish cocktail glasses - the visual aesthetic of a beverage elevates the mood and heightens its presentation from its classy bar housed with exotic wines, premium whiskeys, rare spirits - a den to raise a toast for wine connoisseurs and whiskey lovers.

The sensational gourmet bar bites with a hint of healthy and balanced lifestyle very tastefully curated by executive chef Vikash Prasad that stands out in terms of its uniqueness and perfection starting from a luscious appetizer to the fancy dessert and well-executed by sous chef Nishant Diwakar.

Barbeque Chicken Wings -
Discover the taste of this authentic Bbq Sticky Wings rubbed in a sticky sauce of - Worcestershire, pepper, garlic powder and grilled that comes with the perfect crunch and sticky sweetness.

Gambas Al Ajilo -
The classic Spanish style garlic (in Spanish 'Ajillo') prawn. Prawns oozing with garlic flavour, doused in loads of garlic and olive oil, bell peppers, parsley, lemon with smoky hints of paprika and a touch of sweetness from sherry is simply irresistible.

Kosha Lamb Charcoal Bun -
A brilliant infusion of healthy ingredient - Activated Charcoal with food. Bread buns dyed with Activated Charcoal to give a jet black hue that boasts a fashionable appearance on the plate with a touch of earthy, smoky taste filled with Bong style minced spicy Kosha Lamb.

Mumbai Maska -
The real buttery pav bhaji. Superb delicious taste, smooth, yet chunky texture. This mouth-watering Mumbai Street food has always grabbed a cornerstone for every foodie.

Nasi goreng -
Nasi goreng, meaning "fried rice" in Indonesian.A traditional Indonesian rice dish with pieces of moist chicken saslik and vegetables and omelette. Comfort food loaded with sweet, spicy, and savory flavours stir-fried with a seasoning paste made from chiles, shrimp paste, and palm sugar.

Thai Noodles -
A popular flavorful, hearty Thai street food that comes with a delicious combination of eggs, rice noodle with sweet and nutty, balanced with salty soy sauce that adds deep flavour, done to perfection.

Nutty Chocolate Rocher -
The delicious crunch of signature Rocher recreated. Chocolate lovers taste this experience of contrasting layers with a whole nutty hazelnut and other roasted dry fruits infused in the heart of the desert.

Hazelnut Crunchy Milk Chocolate Tart -
Ultra-rich dessert with luxurious Hazelnut tart shell, crunchy caramelized bittersweet-chocolate ganache filling.

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