This Sweet Shop Is Creating Awareness By Making Corona Sandesh And We Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

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What Makes It Awesome

You’ve got to eat it to beat it seems the new fad these days in the fight against the dreaded Coronavirus. Remember the Corona Burger created by a Hanoi chef in an attempt to make light of a bad situation? Well, Hindustan Sweets in Jadavpur has taken cue and come up with a Corona Sandesh (you read that right)! 

Before you freak out, the sweet is a simple sandesh that is designed to look like the virus. You know, like a red coloured spherical body covered with spikes (yikes). This is the shop owner’s way of spreading awareness and dispelling fears about the virus. The owner also hopes that this will uplift the spirit of the people in these grim times. Now, we don’t know how people are taking to this idea but we sure appreciate the creativity and thoughts behind it.   

However, the sweets are not for sale but will be given to you free of cost if you are visiting the store. A time window starting from 12 pm to 4 pm has been set up as per the West Bengal government to allow people to buy sweets as a lot of milk and 'chena' was rotting due to lack of usage. Along with the sweet, you also get a pamphlet bearing anti-COVID-19 slogans and safety measures you need to keep in mind to contain the disease. The pamphlet starts with the slogan: "We will digest Coronoavirus! We will defeat Coronavirus!".

Now, for the big question: Would you eat it?


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