Hips Don’t Lie: Learn How To Shake It Like Shakira With These Belly Dancing Classes In Town

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Swaying hips, wiggling bellies and arms that move like soft breeze, belly dancing is a low-impact yet aerobically challenging dance form. No wonder, this captivatingly beautiful dance is becoming increasingly popular with juniors, seniors and everyone in between. Check out our list of these awesome classes in town that will have you shimmying your way through belly dancing. 

Twist N Turns

Have two left feet? Cannot dance to save your life? Well, Twist N Turns wants you to believe otherwise. It is their mission to make everyone a dancer at heart by inculcating the very aesthetics of dance and creating a sense of adaptability and confidence with any dance form - belly dance included. They conduct regular classes in association with the biggest belly dance school in India, Banjara School of Dance. Enroll with them for a week’s intensive belly dance program that will help you master some of the basic moves.

Laasya School of Belly Dance

Laasya school of belly dance is the city's first such institute that focuses on building a platform for you to learn, perform and empower yourself with the freedom to accept and love your body just the way it is. All classes are conducted by international artist and instructor Aakriti Prasad, who has over 20 years of experience and training in Indian classical dance as well as hip hop, bollywood, latin, yoga and movement therapy. Aakriti has been working to make belly dance form reachable and accessible to more people and educate them of the true history and evolution of it. Students begin with Raqs Sharqi (Egyptian belly dance). As you get into advanced levels, you are introduced to folkloric belly dance, tribal fusion, Indian fusion (Bolly belly, Bhangda belly or Odissi belly). What we really loved about Laasya is that it’s all-inclusive, they have men as well as members of the LGBT community as students. 

Feet Tappers

Feet Tappers is a dance and fitness academy that offers a fusion belly dancing program which will enable you to learn the dance form albeit in a fun and athletic way. Belly dance requires developing muscles, particularly abdominals, that are rarely used in day-to-day life. Feet Tappers will ensure that you also get toned and build stamina, while having fun dancing that belly.

DNA Danceworks Bodyworks

DNA Danceworks conducts regular masterclasses in different forms of Indian classical and western dances including belly dance. They even conducted a belly dance bootcamp with Naila Khan (famous oriental dance artist) not too long ago. Specialising in the Turkish style, DNA’s belly dance classes will enable you to pick up some really graceful and sensual moves. 

SangVi Dance Centre

SangVi represents the dance duo of Sangeeta and Vineeta, together they teach a wide array of dance forms including belly dance. Chat with them and they will tell you that belly dancing is deliciously challenging. If you think it’s the easiest dance form of them all, you are in for a big surprise. 


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