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Kolkata Peeps, Holi Is Not A Dry Day In Clubs Anymore

Raisa posted on 27 February


We are getting a ‘wet’ Holi this year — if that’s not reason to drink, what is?

May You Never Be Sober

Kolkata may not be the coolest city, but we can certainly be the ‘drunkest’. Following a government order, clubs in the city {yup, your favourite local club} will not have a single dry day through the year. 2018 will see the first no non-alcohol day in the city’s clubs. Go haggle members of clubs to take you out for a pint.

The clubs are all braced for more footfall and are going all out with the celebrations this year {Outram Club and Lake Club are among the ones going big with the booze this Holi}. If you’re a member of any of the city’s clubs, we know where you’ll be headed on March 1.

Anything Else?

Besides clubs, other establishments will only have four-and-a-half dry days in the year {Independence Day, Republic Day, the 10th day of Muharram, Gandhi Jayanti and half of Dol Jatra}.