Ward Off Baby Weaning Woes With These Nutritious, Homemade Meals

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Hungry Bums

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What Makes It Awesome

Hungry Bums is a Kolkata brand that provides homemade baby cereal which is organic and not preserved, nutritious and not processed, and delicious without being unhealthy.

If you are a new mommy, you would know that the struggle of feeding tiny tummies with food that's homemade and healthy is real. Enter Hungry Bums’ homemade cereal mix to the rescue - combining superfoods that are essential for your baby’s growth and should be a part of their everyday diet. Unlike other baby food brands available in the Indian market, this one is free of harmful chemicals, preservatives and processed sugar. Apart from helping in increasing immunity and a healthy weight gain, these mixes are hassle free to prepare and travel friendly too. So how does one prepare the baby food using these mixes? Just add a tbsp of ghee in a vessel on medium heat, add the cereal mix, roast for about half a minute and add water to get the desired consistency. You can sweeten it with organic jaggery powder (also from Hungry Bums) or add any fruit puree or honey to it. Your fussy eater will lap this up with as much ease as you made it with.

Some of the available combos are Rice & Maize Mix, Rice & Makhana Mix, Dry Fruits Powder, Wheat/Rice and Moong Dal Mix, and Multigrain Mix (all for INR 375). They also do a Dry Fruits Powder  - an immunity booster (INR 545). A nutritious addition to your child's everyday meals, this dry fruit powder is almost like a super food for your babies and growing kids. They also have a range of cookies and other healthy snacks.


The treats from Hungry Bums can be enjoyed by adults too now that they've introduced Sprouted Ragi Cereal, Oat Crackers and Ragi Biscuits. They also have other millet foods like Quinoa Noodles, Finger Millet Vermicelli and Multi Millet Noodles.