Add Some Homemade Achaar Ka Pyaar To Your Meals From These Online Stores

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Our Indian meals are so much like our Bollywood movies - incomplete without that extra masala and tadka thrown into the mix. Like the much loved sidekicks in the movies, our ghar ka khaana too is no fun without the side kick of a yummy pickle. From rare ones to the usual suspects, from popular veg ones to unheard of non-veg ones - here is my pick of popular online stores you can get your pickle fix from. And yes, we're calling pickles and achaars desi 'spreads'.

Goosebumps Pickles


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A yummy mix of age old masalas, grandma’s lore and a whole lotta love, Goosebumps is nostalgia in a jar. Strictly hand-made and definitely vegetarian, I just need a generous helping of their Gor Keri with my mixed sabji and I am in my happy place. Summer is here and so is their delicious Chunda made with raw mangoes. More often than not the Chunda becomes a meal in itself for me. Like your pickle spicy? Dig into the traditional green chillies with a mustard base. Goes well with garma garam parathas. They even have Masala Guava and Masala Kala Jamun for you to indulge in a moment of goosebumps.

Bloom Foods


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Your search for the ultimate non-veg pickles should end here. Bloom Foods has fresh, hygienic, flavourful & nutrient-rich niche pickles that tickle my taste buds like no other. Whether you’re a busy bachelor or a working mom or a student away from home - carry a jar of Bloom’s Andhra chicken/mutton pickle and you’re home and happy. Pair the prawn pickle with plain rice and you won’t need anything else on the dinner table.

The Old Fashioned Gourmet

Nothing says 'home' as simply and reassuringly as a pickle. The piquant variety from Old Fashioned Gourmet is the aroma and taste of home in a bottle, be it the narangi meethi mirch pickle or flavourful mango chutney or tangy lemon chhuhara! Old Fashioned Gourmet revives heirloom recipes and presents them in an artisanal way. The taste will take you back to your childhood days. These robustly-flavoured pickles are too yum to resist. So I won’t blame you if you end up making a meal out of this one. 



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Chokkha's pickles is made from recipes handed down over generations without any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The taste will quite easily remind you of your own grandma’s pickles, it’s that homely and familiar! My absolute favourite is their Hing mango achaar, it will wow you with its simplicity of taste and texture. Oh and you can pair it with anything you want and not just Indian food. A word of caution: their dried mango and khatta nimbu achaar are super addictive!



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Aamra makes tangy and spicy pickles with lemon, mango and chilli. Salivating already? Wait till you try it with rice, parathas or chapattis and watch your lunch boxes at work turn into people magnets. These pickles are so flavourful that you can use it as your secret ingredient in order to make the food you cook more delicious. Stack your refrigerator with Seasonal red chili, kati (cut) chili and sweet-sour chili, dry mango. asafoetida-mango and vintage lime flavours now!

The Little Farm Co

Being in a pickle never sounded more delicious than this. If you’re as pickle-obssesed as me and haven’t tasted the delectable pickles by Little Farm Co., you’re clearly missing out. Little Farm’s Adrak green chilli pickle is a must have in your kitchens – the conventional Jalapeño Pickle is redefined with a combination of jalapeños, fresh gingers and choicest spices to give you a unique flavour! Pickled to perfection under the sun is an all-time favourite, Masala Stuffed Red Chillies. You must try their Chilli Gur Pickle. A perfect combo of sweet and spice, you won’t be able to have just one! 

The Pickle Story

Coming from a family where the humble pickle is the soul of any meal, different kinds of pickles were a regular affair at our dining table. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that I have in fact tried all pickles mentioned in this list! The Pickle Story is yet another online store that offers the most deletable Andhra pickles I have ever tasted. Apart from the traditional Mango Mustard, they also do seasonal and signature pickles like Pandu Miram, Dosakaya Pachadi and Elipaya Miram. 


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