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Woah Hondo's Comes To Chinar Park!

    Teghoria, Kolkata

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Some meals are truly special and especially when you coincidentally walk in as the first person ever to dine in at a new branch of a well-known eatery - I felt even more special - hope I turn out to be a lucky mascot for them.

    Talking about Hondos2 at ChinarPark which has finally started to dine in facilities from yesterday evening itself after a long wait - as you all know - this is an offspring of the ever-popular meatjoint of the city - Hondo's - such a blessing for people in and around Newtown & other nearby areas to finally get access to a food joint which remains open 24by7 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year

    This one is double the size of the older Hondo's - has two separate seating sections with a washroom & a big kitchen equipped with the latest culinary equipment to serve you a meat-liscious meal every time you order one. Bright yellow interiors give you a positive vibe every time you walk in along with the wall art which has always been a hallmark of the older Hondo's.

    Coming to the most important aspect - food

    I started with my mandatory go-to drink whenever I visit this joint -
    * ColaMojito - refreshes you like none other and helps you build an appetite for a heavy meal ahead.

    * JacketPotato is one of my favourites out here - enjoyed that with bacon and extra cheese - every bite was truly a cheesy affair - if you are in love with potatoes - this one is a must-have for you.

    Of course, when it comes to burgers - I always stick to my all-time favourite - KumroPotashBurger (nope, it has got nothing to do with pumpkin as most of you know already) - now, this is what I call a true burger - two soft buns, an extremely juicy beef patty (you can choose other meat options as well), two huge pineapple rings, onion rings & overloads of cheese & bacon - no lettuce & any other veggies for me personally, however, they are available in the burger too otherwise - it was an absolute gastronomical ecstasy like always.

    Unfortunately, desserts will be ready from today onwards hence I missed out yesterday but no worries - will drop in again soon for another round of a heavenly meal.

    Missed meeting you dear Joyee but hopefully next time.

    Thank you, dear Swarnaditya, for your gracious hospitality as always - our friendship is what I value most from the past 3 years since my first visit ever to Hondo's - your relentless hard work has got you this far and I wish you all the best for the future - this one too will be a huge success
      Teghoria, Kolkata