Steaks To Burgers: This Eatery In Chinar Park Has Our Heart

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What Makes It Awesome

Always wanted to try those huge, Herculean-size burgers made of four to five patties, topped with different kinds of sauces and cheesy goodness? Well, hit up Hondo's in Chinar Park then!

The outlet is every food lover's paradise, especially if you're a non-vegetarian. From burgers and steaks to sandwiches, breakfast platters and meals, Hondo's serves it all. It's mostly continental food and so much variety! The highlight has to be the Hulk burger. It's four types of patty (beef, pork, chicken and fish) topped with a cocktail of sauces (Hondo's hell sauce in mayo, and honey mustard and blackberry flavours), beef and chicken ham, crispy bacon, jumbo tiger prawns and some cheesy goodness served between grilled buns on a bed of fries. Well, it's not really possible for one person to finish the whole thing but if you do eat it all in 10 minutes, it's free. Plus, your polaroid gets a place in the Hondo's Hall of Fame! Brave enough to take on the Hulk challenge?

We also love their steaks and over 15 varieties of burgers (Kumro Potash inspired by Sukumar Ray's famous character is another favourite). Health freaks can order salads - we'd recommend the Joy Salad that's named after actor and traveller Joy Bhattacharya and consists of boiled chicken and veggies tossed with herbs and virgin olive oil. But if it's meals that you prefer, Hondo's has several options in fish, chicken, beef and pork. There's pasta and noodles available too.

What Could Be Better

The vegetarian options are quite limited. Hoping to see more of it.


They are currently taking orders on call only. Call on +91 9831815155 to place your order.


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