This Store Has Beauty Tools That Are Actually Worth Your Money

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What Makes It Awesome

I have a non-existent skincare routine, what with dozens of skincare products in the market that leave you hopelessly muddled. By the time I figure out what suits my skin, either the season changes (bringing newer problems) or another ‘revolutionary’ product hits the market rendering the previous one rather useless. Recently though, the focus has shifted to more sustainable options in skincare. Welcome to the world of beauty tools that really work! 

House of Beauty is a one such place where you can get your paws on the most popular and effective beauty tools that will make your skincare routine effortless and super efficient. Completely eliminating the running-around-like-headless-chickens ordeal in search for that perfectly light moisturiser or beauty cream that works for your skin without weighing it down. House of Beauty works on a beauty gym and beauty bar concept. A combination of service and product offering using non-invasive technology to tackle your skin woes. Think of it like a proper workout and correct nutrition for the skin.

So, what are these tools exactly? HoB offers derma rollers, jade rollers, face cupping tools, Chinese guashas and 24K energy bars. You have probably already heard (and seen) a great deal about jade rollers (thanks to influencers on Instagram). But if you have been social media distancing too then know that jade rollers are here to stay. What in fact I was really curious to try out was the 24K energy beauty bar and I did! This facial massager vibrates 6,000 times a minute (beat that?) giving those 40 dormant muscles a good workout for a glow that actually shows! It can also reduce wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead and neck, perfect solution for an instant facelift. 

HoB also has a unique skincare line that offers customised products for every skin type. No ‘one size fits all’ policy here. They have specialists who understand your unique lifestyle, stress levels, environmental exposures and create a blend of oils and serums that can form your daily day and night skincare routine at home. Let me leave you with some food for thought: why splurge on makeup when you can invest in having good skin?


Remember, unlike your skincare products, a good tool can last you five years or more, so when considering the price, bear in mind that it’s an investment in a tool you’ll reap the rewards of for years to come.


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