This Kolkata Brand Means Business If You're Looking For Handwoven Jacquard

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    What Makes It Awesome

    You have to appreciate the ingenuity of the people who have named a brand Howrah Bridge. It's one of the most of iconic structures which represents Kolkata's identity, and the clothing brand has grabbed that essence.

    What can you get from them? Howrah Bridge can offer you a wide range of dresses, jackets, tops, pants, blouses and handmade accessories. They have a collection named Tribal Tales wherein you'll get to see a marriage of handwoven jacquards and tribal patterns. You won't be able to take your eyes off of a black polka-dotted blouse in chanderi and woven jacquard, characterised by lace detailing & fabric tassels on the back. Handwoven jacquards dominate the collection, and you can find a navy blue dress just made for afternoons. In handloom jamdani, the dress is worked with intricate woven motifs, and the interesting cuts and pocket placements, frills on the sleeves and handwoven jacquard borders give it a mix of contemporary and classic.

    Try their range of unique jackets which includes a blue one in a combination of handloom ikat and handwoven jacquard, with embroidery detailing and 3/4 sleeves. But we have to talk about the certain minimalism of a black open-front piece with jacquard panels. Try to layer it with a bright kurti and it's going to be hard for people to not admire it. They also have long jackets to modify any look and turn it into fusion wear. Their products start from INR 500 upward.


    Keep an eye out for their 100% cotton LBDs in applique patches and ikat prints, to give a different touch to your black dress.

      Available Online