Stop Whatever You Are Doing And Look At These Quirky And Colourful Notebooks!

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What Makes It Awesome

Life’s too short to make notes in a blah diary that was received as a year end gift from some random business you never shopped from. If you are someone who doesn't care about stationery that sparks joy, stop reading NOW. This post is about a super cool stationery brand that offers the quirkiest notebooks. Say hello to Hygge.

I am adding the Lazy Panda Or Active Panda diary to the cart as  I type this. It says: “I want to do it all. I also want to do nothing at all”. Story of my life. I suspect it’s yours too given the current scenario. The quirky Rajasthani mustachioed man face is perfect to add a little spunk to your WFH space. Also perfect for those WFH Insta stories. The Women Inspo diaries in baby pink are so easy on the eyes. I probably just get them to adorn my bookshelf. Pastels aren’t your thing? The psychedelic elephant face diary has a bold colourful look you will probably like. Oh and before I forget they have a Friends-themed one too!

These notebooks come with ruled sheets (deal clincher!).

What Could Be Better

Not just notebooks, we want more stationery! 


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