Beat The Heat By Ordering Your Favourite Flavours From These Ice Cream Parlours In The City

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Craving ice cream in this heat? Worry not because we've got you covered. Hit up these ice cream parlours in the city for your favourite flavours.

Baskin Robbins

One of our favourite ice cream parlours without a doubt, Baskin Robbins is delivering dollops of goodness to our homes. Whether it’s the classic flavours or exotic ones like Oreo Cookie Sundae, Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake, Mint Chocolate Chip and Banana Strawberry - they have it all and we're placing our orders already. We also love the brownie ice cream sandwich as well as the chocolate bars.


Another all-time favourite is delivering across the city. Binge on Bon Bon Tub, Nolen Gur or the Daab Malai Tub. There's the seasonal Mango Sundae Tub too! We also love the Ferrero Rocher Sundae, Mango Crunch Sundae and the Mint Twister. There's also a Shahi Rabdi Tub and Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream cake.

Mama Mia!

This one needs no introduction at all. We love the gelatos – the consistency, the texture, everything put together and made to perfection. We've tried mostly everything but our favourites are the Cookie Crumble, Belgian Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Lemon Pop Gelato Fizz and the range of sundaes!

Pabrai's Fresh And Naturelle Ice Cream

Pabrai's offers a variety of flavours to choose from such as Sitaphal, Tender Coconut, Gandharaj Lemon and more. They also have great options in chocolate. However, their signature Nolen Gur as well as the South Indian Coffee flavours have our heart. 

Keventers - Milkshakes & Icecreams

We couldn't stop ourselves from ordering Roman Holiday (their rendition of blueberry cheesecake), Turmeric Ginger (an acquired taste), Saffron Spiced Latte and Original Sin Belgian Chocolate. We also loved their Apple Pie and Salted Butterscotch and can happily gorge on them again and again. We also bought a jar of Guilty Pleasure Sundae that packs lots of chocolate crumble, dollops of chocolate ice cream, sweet mocha syrup and chocolate sauce.

Arihant's Natural Ice Cream

We can't get enough of their Lychee, American Dry Fruit and Rajbhog ice creams. We also love their combos - the American Dry Fruit and Rajbhog Combo is a personal favourite. We also tried the Choco Moco Brownie Ice Cream to satisfy our chocolate cravings. Their Panking flavour is also a must-try - it's a celebration of the Kolkata special meethapatti paan with cashews, gulkand and more.

Gianis Ice Cream

Another favourite that boasts of a huge range of flavours from gelato to falooda, kulfi, sundaes, shakes, sorbets, coolers and ice cream sodas. I loved their house special Royal Falooda that comes packed with rose flavour and vanilla ice cream. The Punjabi Kulfi Faluda (they serve it with matka kulfi) or the After-9 Gelato (for your chocolate cravings) are also personal favourites.

The Fat Little Penguin

The Fat Little Penguin boasts of homemade ice creams, iced floats, refreshing sherbets and creamy sorbets. The flavours are beautifully blended with the goodness of fresh and healthy ingredients. We tried their Raw Mango Chilli Sorbet - a refreshing and delicious balance of tok, jhal, mishti (sweet, sour, spicy). It's perfect for vegans because they've got dairy free alternatives.


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